Always There

Nature, poetry


she received them when she graduated
a celebration
the valentine’s days of the past
sometimes, “just because”

placed on her bedside when you were born
the celebration of life
natural, sweet perfume that permeated
the sterile, clinical, unwelcome feeling

roses were always beautiful
even when they were dried
for her artistic endeavors

they were placed on the wreath
to celebrate her life
and placed over her as she lay to rest
life, love, happiness, and death

the roses
were always there


Pic: Taken by me, Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at New York Botanical Gardens – Bronx, NY

St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery


Mindfulness, Well Being

St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery

Embrace the dark with the light
The yin and yang, the language of the universe
There will always be a piece of the yin in the yang
There will always be a piece of the yang in the yin
Ever connected
Masculine and feminine
These two forces will always be one

To think positively, to appreciate the good in life
Comes the responsibility of addressing the shadows
The undercurrents of our souls that don’t always look so pretty
The acceptance that the undesirable always lurks around the corner
As above so below
Maintain the balance and become whole with yourself

Pic: Taken by me, St. Louis Cemetery #1 – New Orleans, LA