Wonder Wheel at Coney Island

What Happened?

love, poetry

Now all you have is the silence
The unspoken words float through the air,
a suffocating thickness
We disregard each other as if we weren’t just
completely intertwined under the moonlit stars
As if we didn’t just lay our souls bare for each other
to witness
As if we didn’t lay our chests on one another
to hear our heartbeats pound away in unison.


Photo by me: Wonder Wheel in Luna Park, Coney Island


free form, Nature, poetry, Well Being

Swimming in the depths of emotions
contemplating your thoughts
your sadness and your stress
sometimes the pain engulfs you
become one with it

Tirelessly gliding your body through the waters
speak to the sea
mute the distractions
let the unknown consume you

Feed your soul with the power,
only an unstoppable force such as
water can quell the fiery mind.


Pic taken by me: Route 25 R in San Juan, Puerto Rico