I Still Haven’t Accepted the “New Normal,” Have You?

I’ve been off my game lately. I didn’t even do new moon manifestations for the new moon in Aries that passed on 3.24.

Those workout from home routines have dwindled. All of those “things I was going to learn” hasn’t exactly happened. My routine has been shaken up, and it’s hard. Doing everything at home just isn’t the same. I miss my routines, my deviations from them, passing by the bakeries, stopping in Chipotle, and definitely going to the gym!!

Get Fresh Air — Disconnect from the Internet and Media for a Bit

Everyone is being told to stay inside, but sometimes staying inside feels like a cruel joke. You work from home as if things haven’t changed. But they have, they absolutely have. You either scroll incessantly online, reading about how everyone is urging you to stay inside or you binge watch some programs, maybe you cook. Or maybe you’ve caught some strain of the virus and feel fatigued and sleep through a lot of it.

But then… if you step outside, you might catch some folks going for a stroll or a run. You see people playing in their yards, life is still happening. And it’s in these moments that I’m thankful that I stepped out for some fresh air. You almost forget about the pandemic, about the mania in the news. I take these moments to disconnect from social media, because honestly – sometimes that’s just another insulating bubble that can also be mentally harmful.

People are dying, people are losing jobs, people may also be losing a bit of their sanity. I started crocheting again, and I’ve journaled more this week. And as I have gone within, I realized I need some sort of structure in my life. I realized I have internal wounds I still need to heal .. I realized that this is only the beginning.

Picture captured by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Social Distancing And Going Within

It’s interesting to see how this shift has affected attitudes, routines, the economy, and even our health. With all of this going on, despite all of the weaknesses it’s showing in our flawed system (politics, capitalism, healthcare), it’s important to, “find strength from within.

As cliche as it may sound, we have to also learn how to be still. How to calm our minds and not let the constant barrage of news and panic affect us negatively.

Get to Know Yourself – Some Food for Thought:

If you can, find a quiet spot. Get some alone time away from your family if you’re quarantining together. During the next few days and/or weeks, get comfortable with yourself. Write your thoughts down. How do you feel, really? Don’t be afraid to confront yourself.

It’s understandable to feel fear right now. You might be afraid of your job security, of how your finances are looking, fear about the health of your loved ones. Try to get to the root of these fears. I think a lot of us are realizing that “control” is an illusion. So how can we gain more power over our own lives?

What are your goals for the next 2 – 5 – 10 years? If you weren’t working your job, what would you be doing?

How do you feel about the current power structures in place? Do you still feel like it serves you, like this capitalist society benefits all of us?

These are just some questions to get going … and if you aren’t in that place to write yet, I hope you find the space to just sit and be. To just free your mind for a little bit and relax.

“It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion, it is easy in solitude to live after our own,
but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness
the independence of solitude.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo captured by me in Central Park, NY

Are We Seeing Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Effects During this Pandemic?

It seems like there’s so much I want to say but no idea where to start. We’re in uncertain times, but let’s consider that common sense, proper hygiene, social distancing, compassion, and inner peace can help us navigate through these difficulties.

I was thinking about planetary aspects. Since this coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic, I started to wonder if there were any clues in the sky as to what lies ahead. I was taken back to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that happened this past January. I remember that it was going to shake things up, that it would affect the “status quo,” and that the year/number, 2020 is related to “vision.” Also, given 2020 is a “4” year, in which 4 represents foundation, stability, and patience … it seemed like 2020 was going to have a lot in store.

We’ve definitely been shown signs that 2020 wouldn’t be like any other year. We just didn’t know what that meant. And we still don’t know where this is going.

What Will the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Show Us?

AstroTwins wrote this great article, The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 2020 Could Change History, and in hindsight, find it brilliant. As they break down each planet’s role in this conjunction, we see just how intense this can get. Here are some easy to digest quotes from their article:

  • “As Saturn gives shape to Pluto’s totalizing demands, all the things we’ve been shoving down and burying will rise up like Godzilla and take tangible form.”
  • “Maybe it’s a “breakthrough insight” (like Galileo’s telescope that allowed the discovery of Saturn) or a clarion call for a new world order. Whatever the case, things are going to be different as this new decade dawns. The Saturn-Pluto duopoly will pervade all realms, causing everything from a massive mindset shift to a radical update to our operational systems and social structures.”
  • “The last time Saturn and Pluto’s paths crossed in Capricorn was in January 1518. Just three months prior, in October 1517, German monk Martin Luther released his doctrine 95 Theses, which exposed financial corruption that had been rampant in the Catholic Church. Subsequently, this sparked the massive Protestant Reformation of Christianity.”
  • But as 2020 dawns, any true responsibility to self and community is best served without dishing vengeful retribution. Healthier offerings are recommended.” <<< THIS!!

I’ll leave this here, and encourage you to read the article. I think what this is showing us thus far is how important independence is. That we will have to understand how to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy during the uncertainty. But while we do this, move with compassion, move with consideration, and think about your impact on your neighbors.

Let’s be our best selves so we can become a stronger community.

It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image captured by me in Financial District, NYC.

Full Moon in Virgo 2020: Stop Holding Back

Heads up, folks! We’ve got a full moon in Virgo this Monday, March 9th, 2020 at 1:47 PM EST. It will actually be a super moon, which means the moon is closer to the earth and therefore, looks bigger. Virgo’s energy wants us to get serious about preparing for our present and future, heeding us to get out of our own way.

Virgo wants us to put forth our plans in motion from the Pisces New Moon. It’s time to get practical and resourceful while also paying attention to the smaller details. Have you been putting off addressing your finances? Are you avoiding pursuing things that truly make you happy? During this full moon cycle, spend some time asking yourself why you may be holding yourself back and what can be done about it.

Though Virgos like to handle much on their own, there comes a time when it’s okay to accept the universe’s help. Pay attention to the signs.

Don’t miss the big picture by overly focusing on the details.

P.S: This full moon occurs while Mercury’s Retrograde comes to an end.

Interested in a full moon ritual?

This can be something simple that you do just for self:

  • Smudge your home/room and crystals (sage or palo santo).
  • Instead of smudge, you can leave crystals out to charge under the moonlight.
  • Journal about what you’re ready to release or what you’re ready to call into your life.
  • Write about how far you’ve come in your journey since your new moon intentions. What progress are you making?
  • Write positive affirmations and read them aloud.
  • Meditate — you may want to try binaural beats.

Image captured by me, full moon in Brooklyn 2019.

You, Your Head, and the Environment

Do you ever just sit with yourself?
Come home without turning the tv on?
Commute without listening to your headphones?
Sometimes it’s nice to just be quiet; to not depend
on external sounds for comfort.
Can you be comfortable when it’s just you, your head,
and the environment? 

Image captured by me at Bush Terminal Piers Park, Sunset Park (Brooklyn)

Vibrate Higher in Nature

Did you know that the frequency of a city is lower than that of nature? It’s why people head out of town to their weekend home; there’s a pull to escape the city rush and be someplace more peaceful. It’s why we hike, swim in oceans or lakes, and enjoy nature parks. We gravitate towards these things without even realizing it.

Our souls are called to seek peace in the wilderness. Nature has a high frequency and can help increase our own vibrations. The ocean itself releases negative ions which can strengthen our immune systems, improve our mood, and even provide some relief from asthma and migraines.

Nature just is. It flows, it’s still; it sways with the wind. As humans, we like to pride ourselves on how much work we get done and how busy we are, but sometimes an escape into nature to reconnect with our ancient mother is necessary.

Image captured by me at Fishkill Creek, Beacon NY


How Do You Find Your Life Path?

I keep wondering if I’m going down the right path in life. Often, I feel like I’m wandering. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got an idea of what my purpose is, then I question it when faced with some other plausible path to take. (It’s 2:22 as I type this).

I know that my confusion is my own fault. That it’s because of my own thought patterns, lack of consistency, and subconscious programming.

Some questions I’ve been grappling with lately: 

  • How do I heal my subconscious patterns?
  • What does success truly look like to me?
  • What do I want my life to look like now and in the future?
  • Am I working towards my perceived ‘destiny’?

We’ve all got our ways of coping with our uncertainty, but here’s something I keep pondering on. Can we really leverage our life path number to live our “best lives?”

Do you know your life path number?

According to numerology, which has been around for thousands of years, we all have a life path number. Calculated from your birthdate, the life path number can indicate some of your natural talents and abilities, providing you with a sense of guidance for your life’s direction.  

My life path number is 3.  The number 3 involves creativity, communication, and change. Creativity comes easy to me, yet there’s a lot that I hold back. Battling my own self-censorship has been such an ongoing issue for me. But my goal is to stay consistent in bringing my creativity to the forefront. Procrastination is also a big problem of mine, so by understanding some of the negative aspects that come with this number, I hope to slowly evolve and be a better version of myself.

But it’s not enough to just *hope* it’s important to DO!

Do you know your life path number? Do you feel that it resonates with you? Share in the comments! You can use this site to get the calculation.

Image captured by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces

On February 16, 2020, Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Everyone tends to freak out during Mercury in retrograde, but thanks to the influence of empathic Pisces, this should be a smoother retrograde.

Key Themes:
Go with the flow, slow down and reflect. It’s okay to be still and not as productive as usual. Don’t think of life as such a linear process. Sit with yourself for a bit and be more present. Be mindful and intentional. Go deep, go within. Forgive yourself from past traumas, work through heavy emotions.

Mercury the Planet and Greek Mythology

Let’s look at Mercury. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and is the closest to the sun. Mercury is the Roman god of merchants, travelers, and tricksters. In Greek mythology, Mercury represents Hermes, who is the quick-footed messenger of the gods (Mercury takes appx 88 days to complete its orbit around the sun, therefore is considered a fast-moving planet).

Like the Roman Mercury, Hermes ruled over wealth, shopkeeping, fertility, and trickery. Mercury also rules communication and our communication styles (check your natal chart to see what sign is in this planet to better understand your communication style).

When Mercury is in retrograde, you’re often told to be careful when signing contracts, traveling, communicating, etc. Think of the words mercantile, mercurial; these are derivatives from mercury and its influence. Since these are some of the aspects of life that this planet rules, it’s believed that things can get a little hairy around this time.

Mercury in Pisces, the Ethereal

Pisces. The “softies” of the zodiac. They’re the 12th sign, the last, before the zodiac starts all over again with the baby of the group, Aries. The sign of the two fish, Pisces is a watery intuitive sign ruled by Neptune – which also rules over illusions, creativity, and all that’s dreamy and ethereal. So when Mercury is in Pisces, it’s not in a strong placement. Mercury is “like a fish out of water” here, which makes this retrograde a little easier.

Pisces is about fantasy and imagination, Mercury is logical and analytical. It’s concerned with intellect, while Pisces is about connecting to the spiritual world.

What also helps ease this retrograde, which lasts through March 9th – is the influence of Venus. Venus is a beneficial planet, which brings together friends and family, rules over love and beauty, Mercury will be sitting in a degree in Pisces that’s ruled by Venus, which brings some positive influences. So this should help ease some of the tensions.

** Just be careful when Mercury moves into Aquarius, a logical sign, in early March, which may have us unsure about our emotions after such a watery time.**

Image captured by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

How to be Present in Nature: Part II (Observe the Trees)

Appreciate trees! They’re everywhere, especially in New York City. According to NYC Parks & Recreation, over 5 million trees are growing on public and private property. These trees help remove air pollution, capture stormwater, provide shade for homes, streets, and parks — and so much more.

Have you ever noticed how different a neighborhood with tree-lined streets feels in comparison to one without? You feel more exposed to the elements without trees; it’s just you, and the open space.

Studies “suggest that people who live in neighborhoods with a higher density of trees on their streets report significantly higher health perception and significantly less cardio-metabolic conditions.” (source)

Let’s connect back to these stoic life forces. Pay attention to the trees. Here are some things to think about while walking around or in a park:

  • Do the trees look healthy or are they starting to rot in some places?
  • Are there leaves, buds, pines? Maybe even berries on the trees?
  • If the tree is naked, what do the bare branches look like to you? Do you notice patterns?
  • If you’re surrounded by trees, look up. Do you notice the canopy?
  • Is light beaming through the various leaves and branches?
  • What shadows do the trees form?

“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world”  — John Muir


Full Moon in Leo 2020: Be Creative, Live from Your Heart

The moon went full in the sign of Leo on February 8th 2020 at 11:33 PM PT. As a Leo sun (with a fire-heavy natal chart), I understand the energies that come with this moon and I’m excited by it. Now is a good time to get in touch with our playful nature, to lead with your heart and be creative. Let’s get out of our heads for a bit (current Aquarius energy). 

Though Leo is a masculine sign/energy, Leo rules the heart (and spine/upper back); there’s a nice duality of feminine and masculine. This is a time for us to also connect with that divine within us. To love, accept love, and take action to be creative (receiving = feminine, action = masculine). Since this full moon is happening in Leo’s polar opposite, Aquarius, we can reflect on how we’ve managed to integrate parts of our self (Leo) with the whole (Aquarius), and how we can not only think about ourselves, but the collective.

The effects of the full moon can still be felt after the moon is completely full, so take the time to let loose a little bit and live boldly. Maybe you want to dance, draw, or write. Whatever strikes your fancy, get into it! Get in touch with yourself and share your gifts with the world. 

Also, don’t forget to reflect. Think about where you’ve been in the past month, what are your goals, and how you plan to move forward with them.

Leo ruling planet = the sun (star)

Ruling house = 5th house: Sports, children, creativity, romance, arts, love affairs

Birthstone = ruby

Tarot card = The Sun, Strength

The Sun in the Rider-Waite traditional tarot deck.
Strength in the Rider-Waite traditional tarot deck.


Featured image captured by me at the New York Public Library.

February 2020 Affirmations

I recently ordered this lovely Affirmations deck from an indie designer based in Australia, Dreamy Moons. I’ve followed her on Instagram for a while now and her art always speaks to me. I love the simple designs, the mysticism, and the gold and black combination. I’ve been pulling weekly affirmations for myself, and I decided to pull affirmations for February.

February will be interesting. We had the 02.02.2020 palindrome day this Sunday, we’re harnessing Aquarian energy, and there will be a full moon in Leo on February 9th (post to come about that shortly). I think many of us are experiencing deep shifts in our lives – so I’ve pulled two affirmations that I wanted to share.

Bottom of the deck card.

I did a closeup shot of the “I follow my bliss card” but I had a little scratch on the card and didn’t want to show it haha. But I think it’s pretty legible here. SO – I thought “I follow my bliss” was a great affirmation, pretty straightforward, but then I wanted to take it further.

Similar to the tarot readings I do for myself, I checked the bottom of the deck for the energy that supports the card I pulled. Here, in Biddy Tarot, the author sums up the bottom of the deck energy pretty nicely, “The bottom card alludes to the hidden aspects that are influencing the situation at hand and gives deep insight into the subconscious mind of the client.

I refuse to give up because I haven’t tried all possible ways” was the affirmation at the bottom and I’d say it’s a pretty good supportive energy. To hear “I follow my bliss” is one thing — but why? Because there’s something currently that isn’t really the ideal, so to follow your bliss means to put yourself on the path of “reaching for the stars,” of “refusing to give up.”

This is what I’ll be keeping in mind for February to follow my bliss and not give up. Along with my own mantra to be consistent.

How to Be Present in Nature: Part I (Bird Watch)

Bird watching!

When you’re walking in your neighborhood or in your local park, pay attention to the different sounds of the birds around you. Do you hear one bird? If so, can you locate it? Are there many birds? Are they in a tree?

What type of birds are flying ahead and where do they seem to be resting? I’ve noticed birds in telephone and street sign poles. I’ve seen them perched on tombstones in cemeteries; I’ve watched them flutter in and out of holes in people’s roofs.

I’ve been in Prospect Park and noticed grey catbirds, red winged blackbirds, mockingbirds, cardinals, blue jays, warblers, red tailed hawks and more! It’s so fun – it’s even cooler when you can recognize their calls. Blue jays I’ve noticed are particularly loud and easily noticeable. I’m working on being able to distinguish their sounds, but, all in due time.

Image captured by me in Prospect Park.

2020 Ascension – Are You Elevating?

as·cen·sion/əˈsen(t)SH(ə)n: the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

Ascension. Where does one even begin? How do you move into a higher level of consciousness? There’s so much work that has to be done in terms of gaining knowledge of oneself, then using this knowledge to understand how you stand in relation to others. I’ve never been a religious person, but I think leaning into spirituality can be extremely helpful in feeding your soul. (It’s 2:22 as I type this).

Honestly, I believe ascension can be as simple as looking at your behaviors and thought processes in the previous year, maybe even the previous month, and seeing how you’ve outgrown things that no longer serve you. How does one rid themselves of limiting beliefs? How do you recognize your shadow and integrate it in your day to day life. Do you realize your own biases and how they impact your attitude towards yourself and others?

It’s 2020, and we’re entering the age of Aquarius – the light bringer – the Star tarot card. Many of us may be shedding some karmic patterns, relationships that no longer serve us, and even realizing how we contribute to our own toxic patterns. You might be called to serve a higher purpose somehow. We’re leaving behind the old paradigms to make way for this new light.

Many of you are already sharing gifts by expressing your thoughts and feelings through poetry, photography, journaling, and more. I believe we all have a great capacity to learn from one another and help each other along the way through mindfulness. If you’re reading this, I want you to challenge yourself. Reflect … go inside … think about how you’ve grown in the past decade and how much more you can expand today and tomorrow. But start today; tomorrow isn’t promised.

Make Time for Nature

How much time do you spend in nature? Nature heals, inspires, relaxes.

Do you realize how much of our lives are spent looking at a screen? According to Forbes, we spend as much as 12 hours a day looking at a screen. We work on computers, we process advertisements, subliminal messages, trends, and “news,” through a screen. We communicate through a screen.

It’s an influx, an information overload. Not only are we clogging our brains with so much “stuff,” but we’re overloading our eyes. Don’t you ever just want to close your eyes sometimes to give them a rest from the constant artificial light? I know I’m writing this on a screen myself — but since you’re consuming content anyway, I hope this helps you consider something.

Here’s what I want you to consider: spend time in nature. No headphones, no digital book. Just you, the birds, green space, blue space, which ever.

Listen to the trees, listen to the ocean and just be. Connect with yourself.

Image captured by me: Battery Park City Esplanade

Don’t Forget How Big Your Spirit Is

That’s me. Little B in a big world.

This picture reminds me of how “small” I am in this vast space. A space occupied by buildings, some big, some small, some that soar up into the sky.

A space occupied by trees, fields, water, birds, and a lot more people. There’s an interconnectedness that we forget about in our day to day. We’re like ants, doing our jobs and making our way.

Though we may be “insignificant” in the grand scheme of the universe, we mustn’t ever forget how BIG our spirits are. That our energy attracts things to us, that there’s a cosmic force around us if we tap into it. That we have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. Even if it’s just one other person.

We never know the little impacts we may have on the trajectory of things; the bigger picture.

Be Intentional About Your Goals – The Chariot: Tarot Inspiration

Brooklyn received its first snowfall of the year yesterday. I came across this old photo I took and thought it was fitting — also because it spoke to me.

When looking at the train pulling into the station, I think of The Chariot (Major Arcana) tarot card. The original chariot description features a brave warrior, standing tall, being carried and brought forth on his chariot. When the chariot card appears, it’s about taking action, moving forward; it’s a positive sign to get. I also like that it means moving forward while also being in flow. It’s a little different than the King of Swords (Minor Arcana), a fixed, stern, take charge kind of energy. The King of Swords is a bit about control.

But I appreciate The Chariot. It reminds us to be intentional about our goals and to realize that you can make decisions that are in alignment with your true values. Are you seeing your intentions come to fruition? Every time I post a blog, it’s a little note to myself that I’m staying on track with being more consistent; that I’m holding myself accountable for the things I said I would do.

The Poison and The Remedy


Three drinks by my side.
Because my emotions are running deep.
How do I maintain a semblance of balance?
Whiskey on the rocks, a band-aid for my pain.
Green smoothie; I’m being healthy about “detoxing.”
Water, to stay properly hydrated.
Seems I will never be vice-free.

Image captured by me.

Still Trying to Figure it Out


Sometimes I just feel emotionally all over the place.
More of a, “still trying to figure it out” kind of feeling.
Like, “what the hell am I doing? What’s happening in my life?” kinda thing. 

But something is happening at the moment, some sort of shift.
I can only hope that maybe one day I’ll look back at this and it will make sense. 

Image captured by me in Beacon, NY.