For Sale: Prints and Handmade Cards


I sell prints:
– 5 X 7, 8 x 11, 11 x 14, and larger.
– I can print and mail a photo, or sell you a digital copy.
– If you want an image already framed, I can do that for you as well, like my framed prints above!
– Framed prints start at $25.


Handmade cards:
– You can request a card featuring a photo of mine that you like.
– You can send me an image and I can turn it into a card.
– You can request a specific photo from a NYC scene and I’ll capture it for you.
– I can get crafty with the card and add little accents on the corners, or I can leave it plain.
– All cards will be blank on the inside.
– Starting at $5.

Contact me at

Thanks for your support!


Published by B

A millennial residing in Brooklyn, NYC. I hate small talk.

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